Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Holiday Fun

Once again, its been far too long since I posted anything, but this time it's not just down to me being useless, its because we've been on holiday!

Now I know your dying to know what we got up to, but my holiday was boring compared to the kids, so I figured I'd let them do the talking!

The holiday from BB's perspective:
Wowee I had a great holiday! We flew on a big plane! I have been on planes before so I knew what to expect. Just like the first time I went on a plane, I sat like a good boy with my grandad. Planes can be pretty boring so I had a bit of a sleep. Then I had some lunch, then we got off the plane and on a bus!

When we got to our new house, I found out that I would be sleeping in the same room as my grandad & grandma! I was so excited! Me and my grandad played in the pool, we played in a giant sandpit, in the park and we even played my favourite game of KICK. I love playing Kick. I like to pick the ball up and throw it. Grandad's not very good at Kick, he keeps using his feet! Silly Grandad!

Every night after my dinner, I got to dance and play with lots of other children at the mini disco. I'd never been to a disco before, but I soon got the hang if it and it turns out I'm a pretty good dancer! There was also a strange pair of characters walking around. Nobody but me seemed to be concerned that a giant Shark and dolphin was dancing around! I kept an eye on them so they didn't get up to anything fishy!!

Back Off..I GOT this!
Then, just as I learnt all the dances at the mini-disco, we got on another bus. I didn't like this bus as much. Just as we got to the place the big planes live, I was poorly and sick all over my clothes and my grandad. We got on the big plane and after a couple of episodes of Mickey and some very scary bumps later we got off the plane and went home. I didn't like the bumps very much but I needed to be brave to look after my grandad as I don't think he liked them either.

I had lots of fun on my holidays and wish I could go play Kick everyday, but Grandad says he has to go to work BORING!! Now I just need to convince Grandad to go on holiday again!!

From LB's perspective:
Slept. Boobed. Slept. Boobed. Slept. Went on swing. Boobed. Slept

And there you have it. Lots of fun...and boob (for LB anyway!)

As always, thanks for reading

PS Now I can Play Kick! Muhahahahaha


  1. Sounds like the family had a great time. Mini disco's are amazing for kids, they love it don't they?!

    1. He did!
      Cant wait till hes old enough for kids club. I think he would love it!

  2. sounds like a good time had by all!