About The Family


I guess on this page, I am supposed to drone on about me and my family, well rather than bore you, (Will save that for my blog posts!), here are some facts about me and my little clan!

Firstly, the 2 reasons I go to work every day and the reason I started this blog: - Baby Benjamin AKA ‘BB’ and his soon to be Baby Brother "Rupert"*


1 – Was born 5 weeks premature on 17/07/11
2 – Weighed 5lb 14oz (Good weight we are told!)
3 – Has blonde hair, unlike his mummy or daddy
4 – Middle name is George after his granddad
5 – Always has a smile in his face, mostly because he is filling yet ANOTHER nappy!

1 - *Rupert will NOT be his actual name, but until he joins us, Rupert it is.
2 - Should hopefully be joining us on 28th December 2012
3 - Is going to be the best little brother ever (We hope)

I can only think of 3 so far!

Second up, our other little baby, mans supposed best friend, the dog: Penny AKA ‘Mentle’

1 – Was found by accident when going to buy dog toys for another dog
2 – Is a Yorkshire terrier crossed with a Lakeland terrier.
3 – Is 5 years old
4 – Hates getting wet!
5 – She will eat ANYTHING!

Thirdly, the love of my life, who without, I wouldn’t have my beautiful baby boy: Christine AKA ‘The Mrs’

 1 – Is 34
2 – Been married to me since May 2005
3 – Met me 11 years ago, where we worked for the same company.
4 – Is NEVER seen in a skirt
5 – Become a first-time-mummy to Ben in 2011.

And last and definitely least, I’m Lewis AKA first-time-daddy

 1 – Is 31
2 – Supported Leeds United all my life MOT!
3 – Only ever wear black clothes....I like it!
4 – Grew his beard as a joke....Still here after 5 years!
5 – Has been blogging Since January 2011 and loving every word of it.

If you want to know ANYTHING else, either contact me using the ‘Contact Me’ Page or find me on Twitter @_firsttimedaddy