Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday is #SatCap day!

Sorry for the lack of General posts, been mega hectic. Didn't want to miss out on the chance for a Saturday caption!

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For those of you that care (There must be somebody!), I will crank out some more posts in the coming weeks!

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday is #SatCap day!

Another Saturday, Another #SatCap.

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Show me YOUR money: Updated!!

A while back I published this post....

Show me YOUR money!

If you cant be bothered clicking on the above link, shame on YOU.
Basically it went something like this....

"As many of you know my mum passed away nearly 12 years ago. Anybody who has lost a parent or somebody close to them, knows that the feeling of loss never really goes away. I look at my beautiful son and gives me a heavy heart to know that he will never feel the love my mum would have given him."
I believe if it was not for the great people at Wheatfields Hospice, we would have had to say goodbye to mum much sooner than we did. Although we knew the cancer was terminal, the care they provided allowed her to concentrate on enjoying the time she had with the most important people in her life, her children.

So, the reason for this post is not to simply tell you a story, it is to ask for your help. I honestly believe that charity begins at home and as you can see Wheatfields Hospice, is very close to my heart.

I recently received an e-mail at work asking for volunteers for something called a 'Starlight Hike'. It is a 10km walk that takes place overnight and I will be taking part and raising money for a wonderful cause."

Well, it turns out, that this is the first year they have allowed men to sign up! Not only is that pretty cool, whats even cooler, is that I was the FIRST man to sign up!.....NATIONWIDE!!!

So from a few conversations with Wheatfields Hospice that included words such as "Publicity", "Radio", "TV" (Not counting on it) I then received a phone call from a journalist called Suzanne McTaggert from the Yorkshire Evening Post asking if I would be willing to be featured in the paper. 
Of course I said yes and then quicker than I can say face for radio, it happened!

Find the full article by clicking

I'm famous!! Well I'm famous in fact no, I'm not famous at all, but its cool to be in the paper!

So please, spare some cash. If each of my readers donated just £1 I would be a fiver closer to my target!

And of course, if you feel the urge, sign up yourself! There is Starlight Hikes in Aberdeen, Dundee, Leeds, Clithroe, Haworth, Driffield, Bedford, Cheltenham, Ipswich, Peterborough and Reading.

Go to for more information or to sign up and of course please visit To donate. Trust me, every penny makes a difference.

For more information on the reason im doing this and find out more about Sue Ryder care you can also visit

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Babies Day Out

With a day's annual leave from work and a good bit of weather, we took the oppurtunity to take BB out for the day.
When you live so close to an attraction, it's easy to forget it's there. One of the closest attractions we have in Leeds is Roundhay Park.

Roundhay Park is most famous because it has been the place of some famous concerts such as ROlling Stones (1982), Michael Jackson (1988 & 1992) and even Robbie Williams (2006).

Its a beautiful place and it has a little butterfly house and aquariam called Tropical world.
It was tropical world we decided to take little Benjamin for a day trip.

They have birds, bats, butterflies, snakes, turtles, fish and even Meerkats!!

He absolutley loved it and I know that any kid would. So if you live anywhere nearby, make the trip its definetley worth it!

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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday is caption day!

My first ever #satcap.
Got a caption for the below?

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

1st baby show, maybe last!

This past year as been a year of firsts and this past weekend I had another.

I've seen them mentioned loads of times, but last week we got the chance to visit our first baby show and it may be our last.

The Mrs has been to similar shows before. Shes a scrapbook fan and these kinda shows happen every so often, so she knew what to expect. She didn't expect what we found at the UK Baby and Toddler show.

Firstly, we found the details on Groupon. (Groupon is a website offering cheap deals and vouchers). The deal was, 50% off the £12 entrance fee. The UK baby and toddler show launched with 2 shows. One in Sheffield and 1 in Leeds.

When we first arrived we couldn't find any signage showing us where we needed to go, then when we found the entrance, there was nobody checking tickets, so in reality, we didn't even have to buy them!

Then we noticed that there wasn't alot of stalls. I would probably say around 20 or so. I think I just expected a little more.

Although I enjoyed the stalls that were there, I was just disappointed that it was such a small collection. We had our picture taken for a competition to become the face of the show and we discovered an awesome little product called 'Chillipeeps Teet'. Its a handy little gadget with a teet on, that you can pierce cartons with or screw onto the top of a water bottle and give it to your little one for them to use without having to carry a sterilised bottle while your out on the go. For the record, this isn't a sponsored We bought the items ourselves and I just think they are pretty cool!

All in all, it wasn't a waste, but I was disappointed with the amount of stalls and EXTREMELY peeved off to find out it was a waste of £18 (For 3 of us).

Just to kick us while we were down, we later found a leaflet offering an entrance fee of only £4!

I have tweeted the guys at @UKbabytoddler show, but they haven't had the urge to reply, which is a shame.

Was I expecting too much? Did anybody else visit either the Leeds or Sheffield show? What should I normally expect from these type of shows and should I give it another go?

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

My Bloggerversary

Roughly 365 Days, 8760 Hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,556,926 Seconds., 64 posts and 7343 Page Views = A year of

A year ago today I posted my first ever blog post. It simply said;

First-time-daddy? First-time-blogger!
I have been asked for a while now, why I don’t do a blog.
I have used Twitter since around January, to talk about my feelings and experience during our pregnancy.
Over the next few days I will introduce myself and give you a few details on what’s happened so-far in the first 20 weeks!

All comments welcome. 

I was welcomed into the blogosphere with open arms and I have 'met' some great people.
I have discovered groups and organisations like Dean at Daddynatal and found likeminded people to chat to, like Neil at  Living with LC and most recently the unfortunately named Lewis at  NewBabberBlog.
A year down the line and I am still enjoying blogging. I still can’t believe that on a daily basis, people read this very blog *WAVES* and some even think it worthy enough for an award! (more on that

Looking back over the last 12 months, I have a real selection of different posts. From bits of fun like my first Meme, posts about complete strangers that have touched our lives like Isla and posts where I try and tell you how much of an amazing woman my wife is.

A year down the line and I can still come online, empty my brain of some of the random crap that’s whirling around up there. In fact I worry sometimes that I spout too much, well I’m sorry to disappoint, but I think I am going to blog even more over the next year! (Insert evil laugh here)
Sometimes I start a blog post and think, nah..nobody would be interested in my opinion on that, but from now on I'm just going to post it and if you read it then you read

How often is too often anyways?

Well it's been an awesome year from a blogging point of view and I hopefully I have entertained, made you laugh and I hope I continue to do so.

I didn’t want today to go by, without posting so thanks for sticking with me over the past year and hopefully you will stick with me for a long time to come....Oh and one last thing!

If you live under a rock and have somehow managed to avoid my tirades of tweets, but I have been shortlisted for an award and if you haven’t voted for yet, I would be VERY grateful if you could spare me a vote. Just click on the picture below and look for my name under Best Dad blog.

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