Saturday, 1 December 2012

We're (not) ready!

We are NOT ready for baby No2. But we ARE ready!....Confused? Good.

I don't think we are ready for this baby and quite frankly I don't think most parents were really ready for their second, third, forth or (Heaven forbid) fifth child. Baby No 1 is still enough of a handful for us. We manage (The Mrs better than me) while on our own with Benjamin but it's going to be real interesting to see how we handle having 2 kids about.

Benjamin has a love of touching things. I'm not talking about good things, like cushions, his toys or his cot mattress. I'm talking about fireplaces, TVs, DVD players. I know the language barrier is still in full effect, but I think he is under the impression that "Benjamin, please don't touch that" actually means "Benjamin, please go pick that up- and throw it at that other thing mummy told you not to touch...Good Boy" So when baby No 2 is in our arms, we are just going to have to hope he's too distracted by his baby brother to leave his fingerprints on everything.

But, we have to be ready, because this baby wont be cooking for much longer! We are already at 36 weeks. That's a week longer than The Mrs was pregnant with Benjamin and probably as long as she ever wanted to be pregnant!

We have a room.
We have a cot.
We have a moses basket
We have a car seat
We have clothes
We have everything else we could possibly need.

But we're not ready......but we are.

Well I'm glad that cleared that up.

As always, Thanks for reading


  1. Congratulations! And welcome to the next eighteen years of not being ready. And of course, the moment you think you are, you're most definitely not!

  2. Ah you'll be fine! If I can do it... ;)